Sex Blog Roundup: Never Forget

2008_05_27_sbr.jpgIn honor of yesterday's traditional beginning-of-summer holiday, today's roundup of some of the juciest moments from the sex blog scene features the kind of encounters are always worth remembering, if you know what we mean. They're the episodes which fuel our fantasies even years later ... and sometimes even get written up for class assignments. Hey, we'd certainly say it was memorable if someone lit us on fire in front of a live audience. A great fuck after a long dry spell, or a really deep blow job, or a long-awaited threesome? Those work too.

Make some new memories with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup by AlwaysArousedGirl

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Switchy McSwitchster

I know he likes the feel of my lips around the base of his cock, the warmth and wetness of my mouth around him, the slight danger of my teeth.

I'm careful of him with my teeth and he's careful of me with the gagging, so that when he fucks my mouth and I let him, get excited when he's fucking my mouth, such a dirty thing, such a thing I'm not supposed to like but I do, partly out of a sort of sacrificial, suffer-for-him impulse, partly because it does feel good to fill my mouth with his cock, satisfies my hunger for him, when he's fucking my mouth with that intense fast rhythm and I start to gag, he pulls back just a bit.

- Omnivore's Dilemma

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Class Assignment: Best Sex Experience

Somewhere between the entrance way and the bed, I had lost my clothes. I was naked in a king sized bed with a handsome, kinky, sex-positive stone Butch; how the hell did I get this lucky? She pinned my hands above my head with one of hers, and we continued to kiss as her free hand explored the rest of my naked body, feeling my curves, grasping my breasts, and eventually, working between my thighs. My cunt was simultaneously dripping and on fire, and when her mouth moved down to my nipples, and her fingers brushed my clit, I almost jumped off the bed.
- Sexuality Happens

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fire on my back and staples in my arm

At a recent event, I volunteered to be both lit on fire and stapled in the arm with an electric staple gun (not at the same time). I saw a demo on fire play, which was totally fascinating. The presenter asked if anyone had questions, or wanted to do it (and by "do it," he meant, be the person wielding the fire), and one of the people watching asked, "Can I do it...but as the person on the bottom?" The presenter said sure, and demonstrated on the volunteer, who kept up a running commentary telling us how it felt.
- The Switch Is Not A Myth

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We walked back to the hotel in the rain, stopping to kiss in doorways of shops, I could feel his cock hard against my thigh, and the temptation to stop and just get it on there and then was almost irresistible, but finally we were back, alone, naked, horny as hell for each other.

He fucked me hard, relentlessly, with the pent up lust of having not seen each other for far too long.

- Scarlet the Harlot

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I picture my Jenny, in her red lacy underwear, the ones she is wearing this morning, and must have been wearing last night, the ones that hug her ass, toned from biking, the fabric cutting across half of each cheek. Oh, how those ass cheeks must look to these boys, connoisseurs of asses in a way I probably never will be. They must look to them like a blank page in a new journal can look to me. They are perfect, but incomplete. They beg to receive.

I can imagine the noises she was making last night, trying not to betray how impressed she was at the whip. Fighting for dominance in a position of submission, but never fighting enough to win. I Imagine her ass, perfect and round, as each of these marks I can see in the morning are given, are received.

- We Sleep Together

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Judy's Story Pt. 5

I badly wanted to taste her slick wetness but I wanted to prolong her anticipatory torture more. I gently blew my hot breath onto her now-open pussy lips and she squirmed her hips around, pressing them upwards to my face, seeking contact. I continued to alternate between gently pulling on her pussy hair with my lips and brushing my nose through her soft hair until she began moaning.
- Shared Cindy

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