Sex Blog Roundup: What If?

2008_05_23_sbr_subway.jpgThey say that what happens happens ... but what if what didn't happen happened instead? For this weekend's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene, we join our horny writers to contemplate those moments in that parallel universe where anything might have happened. What if you were discovered being fingered on a train platform, or covered in spunk on the subway? What if you actually met the lover of your fantasies? And if you could go back in time, would you have actually fucked a few of the guys you blew out of spite?

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Sex Blog Roundup by Jefferson

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Birthday Present

Standing up, I walk across the room and pause in front of him, shamelessly letting him admire my voluptuous curves. He reaches out and pulls me towards him. Putting one hand around the back of my neck, he tangles his fingers in my long, red hair and kisses his way down over my throat and towards my breasts. He takes one bullet hard nipple between his lips and sucks at it, grazing his teeth over the tender flesh. Moving back up, he takes my face in his hands and kisses me on the lips. Pulling away, he looks deep into my eyes and says, "Lie on the bed and open your legs."
- The Exploits of Racy Redhead

- - -


The wet openness of her pussy was a pleasure to discover when I pushed the material aside and stuck two fingers inside her. No resistance, just the grasping lust, and her mouth pressed on to mine, her tongue hunting, pushing into me while my fingers were buried in her.

"Someone could see you like this . . . " I whispered when we came up for air. "Someone heading your way on the same train."

She ground down, fucking my fingers, her eyes shut. "Yes . . . "

- Monmouth

- - -


I put my fingers on my clit, slow circular motions that made me begin to get moist. I just wanted you to fuck me, to pretend, if only for this moment, that nothing was changing.

Tell me how you want me.

I could hear the change in your voice, hear the change course through you, as if a switch had been flipped and you had once again become lover rather than interceder. I heard your voice thicken and your tone change. I don't know why I need to hear these things in you; some part of me that desires to have power over you. That part of me that is weakest that must dominate you.

- Desire X

- - -

Fucking the Co-Worker

"I can't stop thinking about you. I-I . . . need you."

His grin faded abruptly. "Jesus." He ran a hand over his hair, tousling it sexily. "What did I tell you, Chris? I told you I would let you know, and I meant it. This is exactly why I never have a trick more than once."

"It doesn't have to be like last time," I explained patiently. "In fact . . . " My finger traced its way over the bulge in his pants. "I was thinking about inviting a friend."

He moaned as my hand quickly unbuttoned his jeans. I gripped his penis firmly, feeling its familiar weight once more. It rose in response to my touches. "Oh really," he struggled for control of his voice. "A threesome . . . I underestimated you, Chris."

- Diary of a Gay Dad

- - -

Subway Ride

Relaxed, I stand comfortably and close my eyes. Taking a deep breath I can still smell your cum on my face. I open my eyes and smile as I see my refection in the inside window of the subway car as we leave your station.

Your accent is enticing and rich. You whisper into my ear in your elegant accent "Your ass is so soft."

"So you like that?" I reply in my soft American English.

"Yes, very much. I'd like to fuck you in the ass," you whisper as you continue to push your stiff cock deeper inside of me.

- Fortunes From My Bedside Table

- - -

To All The Men I Wouldn't Fuck

Had I wanted sex bad, I probably would've had it, but I was still completely wary of anything with a dick. So I did what seemed reasonable at the time: I put dicks in my mouth. This was the summer of the grand blowjob. I have never before, nor have I since, given so much head and been so good at it. Seriously, I wish I had transcribed some of the post-orgasm reviews. But despite the fact that I blew so many people that I would need to refer to my Word document of hookups to tell you how many penises I sucked, this slut drew the line at third base. Why? Spite.
- Sex and the Ivy

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