Sex Blog Roundup: Down Time

2008_05_20_sbr_down.jpgEver been so wrung out from sex that you thought you'd never again want more? A quick poll around Fleshbot Central shows that we've all had that feeling, and it lasts for approximately 2.8 minutes before we're ready to keep on going. The writers in today's collection of some of our favorite sex blogging moments have been there too: in the place where endorphins rush, thoughts wander, and bodies feel broken from too much pleasure. Never fear, though ... everyone is up for round two in no time at all.

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Sex Blog Roundup by AlwaysArousedGirl

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And then there is the moment I am so high, just sex-stoned like you wouldn't believe, a well-used up fuck toy and little rag doll, bent over in the same position as the last earth-shattering come, but ready to do whatever he wants, to make the pleasure lasting and shared.

So when he rolls me over, takes my ass, positions it high in the air, and works his big, hard cock right up inside me, I am right there. As he holds my hips back so he can slam it into me, over and over, deep and hard, I' m right there. I'm so nuts for this man, so high on sex, I just arch my back and meet him every time, so steady he thrums like a bass chord deep inside me.

- Plum, a ripening

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Slightly Unhinged

On my endorphined, dopamined high, I believe not that I can fly, but that my body is invincible, and that it will endlessly stretch and bend and flex and be twisted into places it is probably not meant to go; as though my sentient mechanical puppet body can be unscrewed at the joints so I can keep on reaching for the next high, double-jointed. And then afterwards, it feels as though it's all come adrift, and I don't know if I can find the pieces to put me back together again.
- The Naked Truth

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Bliss-wiped -

Maybe that's why, as I sat - lay back, even - on the chair (the room specifically asked for because I knew about the chair), she just gorged herself, impaling herself and taking what she wanted.

Maybe that's why, with her on all fours, she pushed back and forth, pressing her clit against the small vibrating button wrapped around the base of my cock, until I felt her ripple and gush.

Maybe that's why, as we walked back to the terminal a mere fifteen hours after meeting, she just said, "I think you've broken me".

- Aiming To Arouse

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D.I.Y.= Dom It Yourself

With her still bent over the bed, but now soaking wet, I rammed into her and fucked her hard and fast. Relenting only to jam a hand into her and finger her to her orgasm I put one foot up on the bed, grasped her hips and pulled her back onto me as I slammed into her again and came with a loud yell.

We slept wonderfully well that night and woke refreshed to another glorious sunny day.

- Northern lights and sleepless nights

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I'm a Rocky Mountain Prostitute

I was breathing hard and raining sweat. He leaned over so that my back and his stomach were in contact. He massaged the top of my thighs as he fucked me - harder and harder - until I could hear an approaching orgasm in his moans. I grabbed onto my dick and jacked myself off for only a few seconds before I was cumming too. We both came at the same time. My body felt like jelly. I might have melted and seeped through the cracks in the floor if he hadn't been holding onto me - one arm up against the wall and one arm wrapped around my dripping stomach.

It was right then that I thought "I wonder why croc sandals are so comfortable?"

- Collegehookerboy's Hot and Disturbing Weblog

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Breaking a minor dry spell

I still twitched and spasmed after he pulled out and collapsed next to me, breathing heavily. "That was insane," he murmured as I still twitched and arched, before winding down myself. Once I had done so, we lay next to each other with one arm lazily draped over each other.

"Well, another dud root," he observed, tongue firmly in cheek. I chuckled at that. "Oh, well I'm sorry." He paused. "That was deepest sarcasm, you know." I grinned and snuggled into my pillow. "Yeah, I know."

- Queenie - the diary of a sex kitten

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