Sex Blog Roundup: Working It Out

2008_05_16_sbr_workout2.jpgTired of getting sand kicked in your face? Can't wait to beat up those neighborhood bullies? Then build your strength with the bloggers in today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene as they go through the paces of strenuous workouts. Hike until you're too exhausted to think of sex in the woods! Endure orgasms pushed beyond limits! Get tackled on your way to the bedroom! And as you cool down and reward yourself with some locker room antics, remember that these kind of workouts can be just as tough on your mind as they are on your body.

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Sex Blog Roundup by Jefferson

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Weekend Workout

I had just sat down and barely had two sips of water before he pinned me down to the blanket. I was so tired that I couldn't have gotten away if I wanted to. Not that I wanted to get away all.

Feeling his warm body on top of me, feeling him kissing me started to reinvigorate me. His hand sliding up my shorts and into my black cotton panties completely woke me up and I felt like I hadn't hiked miles suddenly. I was ready for some more of his activities.

- Anal Amy

- - -

Learning My Limits, Part Two

He put an arm around me. "Don't stop with the dildo," Phil said. "Keep rubbing that clit." I was on the cusp of another orgasm before the last one fully died away. "Cum again, Penny," Phil said, and it was easy and I did. Phil's hand was on my belly as my yells turned into gasps and then into little mewls and cries. I turned my head to kiss him, but he shook his head. "You're not done yet," he said. "Keep going."

I was still breathing fast. "But my pussy--" I said, between breaths, "is--tired."

- Birds Are Smart

- - -

Camera Phones

One night we are all out at a bar hanging out, taking in the local scene, and he starts flirting with some chick who is there on vacation. She was good looking, there with friends from college, and he starts sweet talking her. While she was up at the bar, he talks about how he hasn't got laid in a while.

He has a girlfriend back home and to make himself feel better, he shoots her a text message saying he misses her. They start a texting war back and forth of naughty, nasty messages. Every time he would get something hot, he would share it with the table.

He then got a picture of his college girlfriend's tits and another of her vagina saying, "I want you inside me."

- A Gay Athlete's Life

- - -

Beautiful Night

I started just with bare hands, touching him all over, and then I got the gloves. I touched every exposed part of his body, except that I left his cock alone (because there is no way to do that softly enough with the gloves). I worked methodically down one side and up the other. And all the while, I watched his face closely, watching for the transitions from pleasure to pain, and backing off if I saw a lip curl. Sometimes I pressed the gloves against him enough to hurt a little, but never much.
- Devastating Yet Inconsequential

- - -


We propped her right up on the hood of my car in the parking lot of the town library and waited until it closed, when the men would trickle out of it, their eyes all full of paper and dust, and we asked, one by one, if anyone wanted to see her. Most said no, or didn't say anything, people don't see what they don't believe, but it was one man, whose head bent over his PDA like his neck was broken, a skinny kid with long, stringy blonde hair, who didn't even look to see if her hands were tied or not. He simply saw the situation and said "Yes." Martin lifted her shirt above her breasts, just the edges of his nails across the skin of her chest and she breathed like she was making to faint. She spread her legs apart on the hood of the car to keep from falling over.
- In Your Pants

- - -

Turn Over I Want That Ass

Ripping clothes from each other's bodies, I glance up and look at him. Holding my face he kisses me deeply as our pants fall to the floor. We are in my living room and there just isn't enough space on the couch. Well there is, but it's so much easier in my bed. The trail of clothes follows us upstairs with constant groping, grabbing, kissing and biting. I am walking backwards up the stairs and he over powers me to my back.
- Lust Puddle

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