Sex Blog Roundup: To Love, Honor And Obey (But Mostly Obey)

2008_05_13_sbr_obey.jpgWe've heard rumors that if you mind your manners, make your bed every morning, and remember always to wash behind your ears, good things will happen when you're all grown up ... like you'll be able to serve as someone's very own slave girl! The bloggers in today's roundup of some of the best sex writing on the web must have been especially good because they get to live in blissful servitude to their masters and mistresses: they get zinged by electric pads, have the crankies spanked right out of them, and serve dinner guests in a most unusual way. We should all be so lucky.

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Sex Blog Roundup by AlwaysArousedGirl

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Dinner at La Domaine

But then You ask the lady to the right of You how i may be of service, and things begin again.

i move underneath the table, rubbing feet, sucking toes, spreading my legs for shoes to penetrate my hole, licking clits, taking cocks deep within my mouth. And all around me conversation goes on, only sometimes acknowledging my presence with a comment on my prowess (or lack thereof) or a request to "pass the slavegirl, please."

- Long-Distance Sub

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Darth Vader shows padme the power of the darkside

"I'm going to spank that bad mood right out of you" he told me and he sat down and tapped his lap for me to get over it.

I got a quick but very hard OTK to redden my ass as a warm up with my heart panties pulled down. Then I was told to go over the pillow at the end of the bed and take the belt for him. He warned me it would be hard and to not move. I tried my best to stay still although it was very difficult at times when he belted my lower thighs. I got a quick few with the whip too. Then I was told to go into the "bad girl" corner and put my hands on my head and to keep that position for ten minutes. I could feel him watching me while he started to stroke his cock. I could feel the wetness running down my legs.

- Journey to the Darkside

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just a quiet night

i considered this, and the moment when i looked to the side to weigh my answer was the moment when his hand made a sudden harsh contact with my right cheek. i jumped at first, the way that i always do-- it always feels harsh, and i always experience it that way in the initial moment. then my body came down from the split-second adrenaline rush and i smiled gratefully at my owner. "thank you," i said.

"do you feel better now?" he asked.

- persephone's obedience

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the bag

"Yes Sir." she mumbled. Finding her words were difficult and he pressed a little harder into her throat before releasing her. He dropped to one knee beside her and ripped her dress the rest of the way off. He pulled her bra off swiftly and she was need on the floor in front of him. Her nipples were hard and they beckoned to him. He loved her breasts....small and firm with hard little nipples. He pulled the clamps from his pocket and placed one on each relishing her moan....loving the way she cried out. Her voice almost a desperate plea for the release he would never grant her. He twisted the clamps loving the way her skin darkened and how she writhed on the floor in pain. His sadistic need filled the room as he realized he could do anything to her. She was his.
- pixiepie's secrets

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Hypnosis and control of the mind

This girl nearly always starts getting spacy when she's wearing a mask. As though she is lulled by the sound of her own breathing, and relaxes into a sort of trance despite the electrical stimuli and watching things unfold through the vision the mask gives is odd because its almost as though its all happening to someone else. So its really easy for her to get confused!

He turned up the electricity on the pads going to her stomach. It wasnt particularly painful but it wasn't comfortable either, and the next thing she knew the pads and the bra cups were removed and he concentrated on working on electrocuting and stimulating her cunt, leading up eventually to a blinding orgasm.

- This girl's weblog

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On The Run

"Rest baby. Enjoy that water and those silly bubbles. Imagine those touches of water against your skin as my fingers."

With eyes closed, she began to gently trail her nails against the sensitive flesh of her breasts. Using her palm, she cupped the mound and smiled as she felt her hard nipple pressing into her skin. She wasn't normally a girl who found extreme pleasure from breast play, but she had to admit that each touch seemed to tug at her core. She visibly swallowed then let her tongue dart out to wet her lips. The soft moan that followed was full of pleasure and filled the steamy room.

- The Naughty One

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