Danny's Male Celebrity Fakes: Where (Real) Celebrities Get Naked (Not Really)

2008_05_08_calebfakes.jpgBy the way, that "naked" "Ashton Kutcher" photo we used for the thumbnail in that last post? We found it during an interweb search for sexy Kutcheriana courtesy of a modest lad named Danny, who describes himself as "young, hot, (and) horny" and who fortunately backs up his hubris by hosting a series of blogs devoted to frankly fake but frequently fetching photos of male celebrities doing things you wouldn't see covered by their SAG contracts. In addition to the usual suspects--Justin, Becks, et al.--Danny and his fellow artistes seem to have a penchant for a gratifyingly furry Matthew Fox (but who doesn't?) along with David Boreanz, Andy Roddick, and most of the male casts of "High School Musical" and the entire CW network. Sure, a lot of the submissions are more silly than sexy--but until Zac Efron decides to go the naked amateur photo route like some of his costars already have, where else are you going to go?

· MALE CELEBRITY FAKES and MALE CELEBRITY FAKES 2 (dannyhorny.blogspot.com + malecelebrityfakes2.blogspot.com)

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