Sex Blog Roundup: The Best Laid Plans ...

2008_05_02_sbr_candy.jpgWhen life gets complicated, sometimes the only thing to do is to break down what you need to do into simple steps: what you'll do first, what you'll do next, where that will lead. Such a measured approach, however, didn't do much good for the bloggers in today's roundup of some our favorite moments from the sex blog scene, where we learn what happens when things don't go as planned: follow along as a nice guy turns into a porn star, a sweet girlfriend gets aggressive, and the scheme of seducing a lover goes awry when you get too turned on to be cool. Luckily, a little ingenuity goes a long way: even a setback can lead to the realization of a long-time fantasy.

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Sex Blog Roundup by Jefferson

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Day Two: Little Postcards

He's fucking me from behind, first standing while I'm on the bed, then kneeling between my calves. I hear a noise, I feel a sensation and realize he just spit on me. Spit. On my ass. Holy shit, this man watches too much porn . . . no, wait, it was actually . . . kind of nice. Close. Like the time I took Lover into the bathroom, took his hand and held it against my pussy while I peed, so very intimate . . .
- How About Now?

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Where's The Pole?

My idea of teasing him and driving him crazy was backfiring. It was backfiring because he was driving me crazy. The crotch of my panties were soaked. I moved away from him for a moment. I wasn't sure what I was going to do but it came to me in only a couple seconds. I was standing there naked and he was in his clothes, the situation wasn't exactly fair. I got on my knees between his legs. He wasn't quite sure what was going to happen but from the look in his eyes he knew he would enjoy it.
- The Neighborhood Slut

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Hike Up Your Skirt A Little More

Around midnight--how it got to be midnight so fast i certainly don't know--we decided we probably ought to let the dogs out, so we pulled our clothes back on and went out to the back yard with them. Of course, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. Me, leaning against the patio railings, right in the corner. Her, pressing me in, pushing me back a little too far, making me gasp and grab onto her.
- Don't Let's Talk

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Get Right Back On The Horse

I stood behind her, and gazed at a sight I'd seen many times before. This gorgeous, quivering ass, which was eloquently framed by the long, outstretched arms of her garters as they anchored to her thigh-high stockings, greeted me with a familiar rush of blood to my extremities. I took my hand and slapped it, like a match head, across the flint of her velvety peach flesh. A spark ignited, lighting a flame inside of me.
- The Lustful Quality Of Watching Her Erotic Demise

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Summer In The City

We're in clear view of the park, privacy only provided by some unmown grass that isn't particularly dense above knee-height. Oblivious to any onlookers, you sit up and flick your head back and let your hair fall over your shoulders, as you grasp the belt-hoops of my trousers and pull them down over my hips. My boxers are dragged with them, and as my rigid cock springs free I can feel the cool air drift over it and the warmth of the sun on the underside of my shaft. You sit for a second, looking down at my manhood, smiling and pleased with your work, before playfully running a finger up my thigh and then taking me in your hand. Pulling my foreskin back again, you smear the bead of creamy cum onto my shining head, and then dip down, taking me in your mouth.
- Mendicatus

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My Wife's First Black Cock

I broke my foot a few weeks ago and have been kind of laid up. One of our neighbors has been helping my wife do a few things around the house. We have known him for about three years since he moved in across the street. He is a black man that is built like a linebacker. He stops over to our house about once a week usually when my wife is out by the pool. Ever since we've shared fantasies involving cuckolding I've never felt her so wet in bed and knew she was ready if the opportunity ever presented itself. Tony, it seemed, was our bull.
-Cuckold Blog

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