Big Sister Is (Still) Watching You

2008_04_30_bigsister.jpgPrague's Big Sister internet-enabled brothel has long been high on our list of travel destinations ever since our globetrotting siblings at Gridskipper first bought it to our attention a couple of years ago. (But only from a sociological perspective, you understand, not because we want to boink our way to international notoriety via the dozens of video cameras set up throughout the establishment which broadcast the goings-on to tens of thousands of the site's subscribers.) Short of going to Prague or coughing up a $40 monthly membership to join the website, the best way to see what Big Sister is all about is photographer Hana Jakrlova's Big Sister photodocumentary project, in which both real life sex and the televised kind exist in an occasionally uneasy harmony ... with stuffed polar bears, even! It's the next best thing to being there, minus all those people staring at your ass.

· Hana Jakrlova: Big Sister (, via · Big Sister: Erotic Club Online (

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