Sex Blog Roundup: Girls On Top

2008_04_29_sbr_top.jpgWe're always up for some femdom swinging, greedy-girl phone sex or butch cock sucking ... but really, who isn't? Today's round up of some of the best writing from the sex blog scene is all about the girls (er, we mean women): these ladies tease, deny, and make outrageous demands on their partners. (Not that anyone much minds.) Don't worry, they're perfectly generous to their partners, both male and female. They just need to come first, understand?

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Sex Blog Roundup by AlwaysArousedGirl

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Work in Progress

I wrap my hand around the shaft, bringing the tip of her cock toward my mouth. Slowly, I lick around the tip and look up at her. I want to make sure she can see how much I want this. I want to watch chivalry struggle with desire while I tease and lick, until she can't stand it any more. I can feel her hands on my shoulders getting lighter...she wants to put them on the back of my head and guide my mouth all the way down her cock. But she doesn't; chivalry is still winning the battle.

I tongue the head of her cock, moving it back and forth across the ridge underneath. She moans, and I feel her thighs tighten. Tentatively, she puts one hand on the back of my head, just for a moment, as if to say, "Yes, please, god, yessss..." I take a deep breath, and pull her cock into my mouth. Her grip on my head tightens, and she gasps.

- Fatgirl Femme

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8 Minutes 28 Seconds

My fingers were cool against my heated wet folds. The pressure on my clit was firm and it increased the faster I rubbed. I slipped a finger into my pussy to pull the slickness up to my clit to add a new sensation to the feel of my finger against the hard button of my clit. I felt the throb and instead of trying to slow it down and draw the pleasure out I just wanted to come. I don't even know if he came that night. I think he did...I hope he did. How awful right! That night I was a totally selfish partner.
- The Naughty One

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Panty Fiend

[A] lovely kinky man living far away from me has my panties (and my DNA, incidentally) in a baggy in his desk drawer. He has taken them out of his drawer, brought them to the men's room in his office, and masturbated into them a number of times, writing in detail each time in an email to me. By now, I suspect that they are... um, more highly scented and perhaps a little... crustier... than when they arrived. He fantasizes about me visiting his city, and meeting him in a public venue, where we can greet each other as acquaintances, so that he can surreptitiously show me the results of his fetish, still residing in the little plastic bag.
- Indiscretion

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The Swimmer-12

"I told you not to move, and I meant it," she said. The after a while she resumed the slow slippery stimulation again. Then she changed hands and making her thumb and forefinger into a circle, just a fraction bigger than his cockhead, she moved her hand so that she lightly brushed the edge of his glans as she passed up and down. He felt as if his cock head was blowing up like a balloon as the pressure of the blood built up and up. Once more he could not restrain his body and began to thrust to meet her movements. Once more she withdrew her hand and left him writhing until he regained control of himself.
- Fire Down Below

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But I Thought 'Vernon Kaye' Was My Safe Word

He kneels again. On the bed this time. I play with the chain between the clamps, pulling it and kissing it. Putting it in his mouth.

And when I suddenly take them off he yells and falls away from me. Not prepared. That's so hot. But probably not as hot as watching him put them on.

Sometimes all I can feel is how much I want to show him what the things he does do to me. I am always taking his wrist and pushing his fingers between my legs. I always feel like I have to prove it. Like I have to force my unicornself into existence. Wet and soft. Real with it all.

- Bitchy Jones's Diary

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Demeter Dream

I joined them, going immediately for her left breast with my mouth. While I sucked on her erect nipple, my right hand fondled her other breast. I marveled at their size; her tits were enormous. I ran my hands up and down her body, lightly touching her pubic hair, which was neatly trimmed.

I had a vague sense that Dionysus was watching, sitting on a chair perched above us on a ledge somehow.

Demeter looked at my raging hard-on and gestured me closer. "Bring that over here," she said. Her straightforwardness surprised me, and turned me on more. I moved so my cock was close to her face.

- Married Exploits

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