Sex Blog Roundup: Out And About

2008_04_18_sbr.jpgTurn down the sheets, fluff your pillows and lock the bedroom door. Now that you're snug, click on over to the hottest blogs on the web, where you'll find our wandering writers busily at it anywhere but the boudoir. With no time for niceties, they park on country roads and cruise darkened back rooms. A public toilet is pressed into service as a phone sex booth, and a walk in the park leads to an innocent round of tit fucking. Public sex offers thrills and even consolations, as one voyeur finds a couple making the best of their team's loss by scoring in the arena parking lot.

Grab your hat, we're leaving with Jefferson after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup by Jefferson

- - -

Sweden In the East Village

Patrick wanted me to come over, take my top off, oil up my tits, and jerk him off with them. Twice. Easy enough, right? Yet when I arrived I found that sort of thing is harder to segue into than it seems. Do I just come in and pop 'em out? Do I chit-chat first, or go in for a kiss? Did he want me to touch him with my hand or just my tits? Did he expect a blowjob?

We sat at opposite ends of the couch awkwardly.

- College Call Girl

- - -

In Plain Sight

I watched them in the car park, embracing on the tailgate of her car. At least I believe it was her car, because she had the keys and seemed to be organizing the loading of the bags.

He was standing close behind her, admiring the curve of her bottom through their thin cotton combat covering.

When she turned around, he lifted her onto the tailgate and insinuated himself between her legs.

I could see the muscles in his buttocks clenching as he pushed himself closer and closer.

- Having My Cake And Eating It Too!

- - -

Black Party, Black Room

Half an hour later I'm back inside again, obeying a hunger I never knew I had. In all that heat and closeness my individuality slips away and I become one more set of organs attached to the sweating beast that is fucking itself in those rooms. Ten feet from me I glimpse a man in his sixties with another on his knees in front of him. It takes me ten minutes to fight my way to him but when I do my mouth consumes his and my hand reaches down to force his kneeling partner's mouth further down on his dick.
- Another Omnivore

- - -

BJs, Fingering and a Facial

She met me again, on one hot sunny afternoon for lunch. We both were hot and horny, but had no real place to go. I worked out near the edge of the metro area, and after a quick lunch, we went for a drive in the country. We quickly got off the main road, onto some gravel roads. We found a spot that we could get off the road, park, and see a ways up and down the road. We attacked each other, and my hand went under her t-shirt right away, to caress those big 'C's. She really liked getting warmed up by me caressing and pinching those boobs and nipples.
- Significantly Older

- - -

Taking It to the Closet (And the Port-a-John)

Maybe, we could have a "date". We could plan a mutual masturbation session, even if he was at work. We could set up a time for phone sex. All he had to do was, take it to the Port-a-John. Hubby has mentioned in previous posts using the facilities for a little self-love. Why not plan to join him? If couples who are physically together have to schedule time for sex, why not scheduling phone sex? OK. I decided to do it. I arranged with Hubby to call me at a specific time last night, and be ready to take it to the bathroom.
- Full Contact Monogamy

- - -


He's not gentle. I told him a long time ago that he doesn't have to be. I love the long, hard swipes of his tongue along the length of my slit. I love when he wraps his lips around my swollen clit and sucks hard, hard, hard. Soon, I'm pulling his head deeper into my cunt and begging for fingers inside me.
- Clearing My Head Again

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