Steampunk Masturbation: Jerkin' It Very Old School

2007_04_08_bottle.jpgAre you familiar with that whole "steampunk" thing all the kidz are talking about? If so, congratulations--you're a nerd! Fortunately, we love nerds around here and that's why this video tickled (or maybe abused) our various bones. For the uninitiated, steampunk fans are into reading and writing about and even building old-timey technological contraptions that may not be as convenient or cheap (or useful) as your fancy modern doo-dads, but they sure look cool on a shelf in the den. (If you still don't get it, read more Boing Boing.) Well, online nerd leader Merlin Mann has taken this aesthetic to its logical conclusion,with his own homemade steampunk onanism device, modeled after the "masturbatory sketchbook" of H.G. Wells (the "Leonardo Da Vinci" of jerking off). Yes, it's expensive and heavy and very, very painful to use, but fapping with this will make you so totally punk! Steampunk that is! Dig the old world, "artis-anal" craftsmanship below.

. . .

· Steampunk DIY from Merlin Mann ( · Merlin Mann on Steampunk Masturbatory Devices ( - thanks Molly!)

P.S. Yes, he's kidding.

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