"Exploring The 'O'" With Jamye Waxman

waxman1.jpg In the third and final installment of her "Personal Touch" series, sexplorer and Fleshbot crush object Jamye Waxman moves into exciting territory, taking on the oft discussed but rarely mastered female orgasm. With tutorials on the many types of female orgasm, female ejaculation, and anal sex for women, Jamye covers all the bases ... and, as usual, does so with smarts, style, and just enough cheeky humor to keep things interesting.

We've been fans of the "Personal Touch" series since Jamye showed us how to toy with pleasure, and we're pleased to say that "Exploring the 'O'" is easily the best installment so far: the sex is hotter, the performers have great chemistry, and it has an amazing female ejaculation scene. But we'll get to that in a second ...

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waxman4.jpg There's a lot to love about "Exploring the 'O'." From the first scene, where real life couple Daisy Layne and Dick Chibbles demonstrate the finer points of g spot orgasm, to the last, where Alex Gonz and Laurie Vargas show that female pleasure doesn't end with the pussy, the scenes manage to be sexy and fun and still demonstrate quite a few tricks that made us want to take notes. (Stimulating the clitoris with a tongue while a vibrator stimulates the g-spot? Fascinating!)

waxman2.jpg Nevertheless, it's the section on female ejaculation that really steals the show. Jamye kicks things off with a brief tutorial on Kegel exercises, helpfully aided by a live action demo from Lyla Lei. We've read countless descriptions of Kegels, so we feel we can say this with authority: they make a lot more sense when you're watching someone do them. Especially someone as cute as Lyla Lei.

waxman3.jpg Once Lyla's demonstrated the ins and outs of Kegels, Cytherea joins her for a demonstration of female ejaculation. Sitting side by side, they masturbate to orgasm (thankfully sparing us the lesbo-for-pay awkwardness seen in so many girl-on-girl scenes) -- and when they come, they come hard. And repeatedly. And hard. We practically had to wipe down our monitor (and our chair) after watching so much lady jizz.

"Exploring the 'O'" is a fine addition to anyone's collection of adult entertainment, and a must watch for anyone interesting in having, causing, or witnessing female orgasms. We're happy to see such a great piece come out of the "Personal Touch" line -- and we can't wait to see what other films Jamye has in store for us. (Especially if they involve squirting. Isn't it funny how it just made us more thirsty to see more?)

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