"Lightning Warrior Raidy": Fun For The Whole Family, As Long As They're Over 18

2008_03_17_raidy2.jpgWe generally let our more qualified colleagues weigh in first when it comes to things like new Japanese videogames ... except for when they're bishoujo games like "Lightning Warrior Raidy" and its sequel "Temple Of Desire", which don't sound like anything else we've encountered on our Wii lately:

"The protagonist is Raidy, a high-spirited female sword-fighter traveling the continent in search of adventure and the secrets of her past. When she comes upon a town plagued by monsters who steal away the beautiful young maidens and turn them into their slaves, Raidy is determined to set things right, risking life, limb, and virginity to do battle with the denizens of the tower."
And the best part? The games are also described as featuring a " 'sex if you win, sex if you lose' game system", where you'll end up having fetish-flavored sexual congress with the heroine or evil monster of your choice no matter how well or badly you play. Try saying that about "Super Smash Bros. Brawl".

· "Lightning Warrior Raidy" and "Lightning Warrior Raidy 2: Temple Of Desire" (game and ordering info @ jlistcom; see also jastusa.com)

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