Sex Blog Roundup: Men's Lounge

2008_03_07_sbr.jpgSome men know just what a woman wants. Visiting the men's lounge as we tour the finest sex writing on the web, we encounter the suave, the sophisticated and (inevitably) the cads. Sit back as they pour the wine and woo you with soft words, gently removing each article of clothing. Heat up as they seduce you in elevators, kiss you in public and chase after your orgasms. Just beware of the hairbrush spankings and don't put anything past them or you may even find that your boyfriend cheats on you ... by fucking your brother.

Pass the cologne with Jefferson after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup by Jefferson

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Mingzhu, Part Two, My Shining Pearl

With nobody on the elevator, I took Mingzhu in my arms, held her closely around the waist, and kissed her passionately while caressing her ass with my free hand. As my hand was gliding up her thigh and under her skirt, her delicate and sensitive fingers darted down the front of my pants, slipped under my shorts, and wrapped themselves around my cock.

"Your hands and fingers were wonderful last night," she said. "I have a good feeling that your cock will be even better tonight."

- Goddess for a Day

- - -

Fly on the Wall, Part Two

"Did she spank you hard?" Kyle asked, knowing all to well she did.

"I'll say, that brush sting like the dickens."

"Well you shouldn't be so naughty then, should you?" Kyle laughed, mocking her discomfort.

Tara sneered at him playfully "You won't laugh so much if I spank you" she stated.

- The House of Richard Windsor

- - -


The elevator doors slid closed behind us. She pressed the button for a floor high up. Immediately, I pushed her up against the mirrored wall, her buttocks nestling against the hard bulge at the front of my trousers, her breath fogging the cool surface in front of her. She closed her eyes and rubbed herself against me with a soft urgency.
- Monmouth

- - -

Sex Report: Blame the Victim

"Come for me, baby," I was urging her. "I love you so much, come all over me. Do it, baby." Yeah, I was sweet talking her. She probably doesn't care, I don't think she notices whether I call her baby, lover, or whore at that moment. I was feeling pretty loving towards her, though, so I thought I'd play nice.
- Sex.Life.Blog

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Dixie Bubbles, Act Two

In time the Docs come off. I'm a magician being able to negotiate her laces while not interrupting our activity. The skirt is less a challenge, and her denim jacket less so. The turtleneck becomes the focal point of a prone striptease, not lasting nearly long enough.

All that leaves is the garters and hose. Ditto her bra.

Her massive white bra.

- Probitionate in Situ

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Fucking Girlfriend's Brother, Part Two

He grabbed his cock and pulled back his foreskin to expose its round pink head. It looked wet. "Come on, Seb. Suck it . . . I really want you to . . . "

"Come on, Michael. You're Kaz's brother . . . "

"What difference does it make?"

I chuckled humorlessly. "Well, you're a guy for a start . . . "

He nodded. "Yeah . . . and that makes it more interesting . . . I mean, d'you think I taste the same as she does . . . ?"

- Diary of a Gay Dad

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