Trans Entities: The Nasty Love of Papi and Wil

2008_02_18_trans.jpgFor a long time, "trans porn" pretty much referred to one thing (at least in the mainstream porno industry): pre-op MTF transpeople -- or, if you want to be classy about it, "shemales" or "chicks with dicks" -- getting it on. Then came Buck Angel, Fleshbot's favorite man with a pussy (and AVN's first FTM transexual performer of the year) and suddenly the doors were thrown open for a wider range of gender identities. Or at least that's what we'd like to think ... especially if it means seeing more movies like Morty Diamond's "Trans Entities: The Nasty Love of Papi and Wil," a smoking hot piece of trans porn that breaks away from porno gender norms and has a lot of fun in the process.

A documentary porn similar to the ones produced by Comstock Films, "Trans Entities" follows the (sex) life of Papi and Wil, a transgender couple in New York City. Switching between interviews and sex scenes, the film allows the viewer to get to know Papi and Wil -- along with their kinks and quirks -- before seeing them in action.

Over the course of three sex scenes, Papi and Wil fuck, suck, slap, and choke; play with a third partner; experiment with intense, rape-themed role play; and come so hard I almost had to wipe my monitor down. Like all docuporns, the sex is unscripted; unlike many, the sex is really hot. Papi and Wil are every bit as nasty as the title suggests ... and we should all be grateful for that.

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