Nudar: GPS For Boobies

2008_01_17_gp2.jpgWe've all been there before—driving down a lonely highway in the middle of night, not really sure where you are or if you have enough gas to make it to the next station, when suddenly a beacon rises above the horizon signaling the oasis you've been searching for: "Strip Club. Next Exit." But in this interconnected, wi-fi, super-surveyed world, why go through all that stress? Nudar wants to take the pain away by mapping the world ... the strip club world. They want to build a database of any place on Earth where you can find bare boobs—wet t-shirt bars, nude beaches, New Orleans—and then send that data to you anywhere in the world via your GPS device. It's like the tits come to you! Plus, this way when you run out of singles and end up face down in the parking lot, your loved ones will know where to come pick you up.

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