AVN Tips & Tricks: What Does Your Expo Booth Say About You?

2008_01_12_pa.jpgThe AVN Expo is the stage upon which porn studios show their faces to the world, and those faces are represented by convention booths. Thousands of fans will walk by dozens of exhibits and displays on the show floor, so the booth is each company's main opportunity to distinguish itself from its competitors and convey to the public what your company is all about. So how did this year's attendees choose to send that all-important message? We've put together a handy gallery of the biggest and best booths on the floor of the Sands Expo Center, along with some notes on what we think each booth is trying to say. You may want to bookmark it or something—who knows you may find it useful when making plans for your next porn trade show!

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· Photos by Nick McGlynn

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