Love Death 2: Japanese Video Games Get Messy

2007_09_05_game.jpgSince video gamers never sleep (or hold down real jobs) our friends at Kotaku were still posting on Labor Day, while we, of course, were full of bourbon relaxing in the sun. So we nearly missed this once in a lifetime clip of erotic FPS—that's first-person, uh ... squirter—Love Death 2. The clip is helpfully translated by our Japanese correspondent, but it's actually quite clear what's going. Instead of mowing down zombies with a magnetic rail cannon, you shoot your always loaded love gun at an adorable anime character, until she gets frightened enough to run through a wall covered in sticky goo. Who knows how many points you get for that? But we assume this must be one of those choose your own adventure-style games where no matter what path you choose, you always come out a winner.

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