A Salute To Bob Barker('s Beauties)


Fans of shouting out grocery store prices at complete strangers (and yodeling) are no doubt in morning today, as CBS airs Bob Barker's final episode as the host of "The Price Is Right." (If you're stuck at work today, you can catch it tonight in primetime.) The legendary putter—and notorious ladies man, if you'll recall—is stepping down after 35 years and thousands of new cars, but what we're most concerned about is the fate of his greatest television innovation, Barker's Beauties. Bob could never have given away all those dinette sets and Hawaiian vacations without the able-bodied assistance of his harem of statuesque babes, who took smiling, pointing, and generous hand flourishes to a whole other level. Unlike us, Bob was even lucky enough to know at least one of these ladies in the most intimate of ways, which considering that he was pushing 70 at the time, is more than deserving of a polite hat tip. We don't know what kind of custody battle will ensue after his departure, but here's hoping the Beauties will live on in form as well as spirit. We think Bob would have wanted it that way.


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