Bare Boobs On YouTube: The Legends Are True!

Apparently, despite YouTube's strict enforcement of its no nipple policy, it is still acceptable to show bare breasted women being felt up ... as long as it's done in the name of medical science. Seriously, there are still boobs on YouTube! We don't how this happened, but it did, so take advantage while you still can. You know how when you were just a youngster, unable to purchase your own girly mags or unscramble the cable box in the family room, and you were forced to turn to almost any swimsuit ad or underwear catalog in order to get your boobie fix? Yeah, us neither, but the point is that this whole situation reminds of the phrase "any port in a storm." If you're stuck in some bizarre filtering nightmare that only allows you access to YouTube and you just have to see some naked tits, it's nice to know that all is not completely lost. What you do with this information is up to you, but don't get upset with us for corrupting was is essentially a public service. Our love of healthy boobs is what made us what we are today.

· "Breast Massage Technique" (YouTube + Bonus video after the jump - thanks Mike!)

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· "Live Breast Examination - How to check your breasts" (YouTube)

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