Sticky Joystick: Ten Sexy Japanese Video Games You Might Have Missed

Sticky Joystick: Ten Sexy Japanese Video Games You Might Have Missed

When you think of the best Japanese videogames of all time, titles from Nintendo or certain 80s console classics might be at the top of your list. But maybe that's because you haven't yet been lucky enough to play Nangoku Sakunyuu Island, in which you assume the role of a man called "One-Shot Expert" who sails to an island full of big-breasted girls and extracts milk from them for sale offshore in return for making regular sperm deposits. Or Paimega Another Online, in which you battle your opponent to make the world safe for gals with big breasts who wear glasses. (Are we sensing a theme here?) These and other titles are included in a new list compiled by a videogame fan with a taste for Japanese exports that's evolved beyond Donkey Kong and Katamari. We haven't played (or even heard of) any of them ourselves, but that doesn't mean we're not looking forward to any of them making the jump to the North American market someday. We're getting awfully tired of waiting for Ms. Pac Man to give up the goods after all these years.

· "When Porn and Video Games Collide: Ten Japanese Video Games" ( - thanks Rob)

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