Meet Nicole Begg: Naked Speed Skater Would Like Your Attention, Please

Meet Nicole Begg: Naked Speed Skater Would Like Your Attention, Please

Life in the trenches of an obscure non-Olympic sport isn't easy. The pay is lousy (if it even exists at all) and even though you're an attractive, athletic girl no one in New Zealand really cares about inline speed skating. So how do you raise the profile of your sport and yourself, and maybe score a couple new sponsors in the process? A nude photo shoot, of course! That's the way 19-year-old Kiwi Nicole Begg thinks—and, lo and behold, we are now aware that she is a world champion inline speed skater. We are also now aware that inline speed skating has world champions and that they are quite physically fit. Unfortunately, the photos aren't as scandalous as we generally prefer around these parts, but inline skater porn isn't exactly easy to come by these days. Of course, that could all change once the Olympic committee sees these pictures. Whatever happens in Beijing in 2008, we'll be ready.

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