Sex Station 7: First-Person Sex Shooter


If you weren't technically savvy enough to hack Grand Theft Auto's "Hot Coffee" mod and your classic jiggle-riffic Lara Croft titles just aren't doing it for you anymore, perhaps you need a video game where sex isn't just a by-product of the action, it's the whole point. Sex and video games have been walking hand-in-hand since the glory days of Leisure Suit Larry, of course, but new online title Sex Station 7 tries to bring it into the modern world of first-person-shooters like Halo and Half Life. You play Dylan Owens, sent to rescue the "alpha female engineering cyberwhores" of Sex Station 7. Should you succeed, you can probably guess how these lovely lasses will choose to repay your kindness. We haven't played it ourselves, so we can't guarantee you'll have a fun time, but it certainly looks more interesting than your 15,000th game of Minesweeper. The cyberwhores just don't seem to appreciate that one as much.

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