Hot Love in Prague


Over at our globewhoring sibling site Gridskipper today, guest editor Erik D'Amato of shares a travel tip of interest to discount-minded readers travelling in Europe this summer: instead of actually having to pay for hookers during your trip, you can visit Prague's Big Sister brothel where they'll foot your bill if you're willing to shag in front of one of the 56 internet-enabled cameras on the premises for live streaming via their website. Adds Erik: "We would, however, recommend that you spring for a condom. Or five or six."

"Hot Love in Prague (II)" (Gridskipper)

Meanwhile, another reader suggests visiting Budapest instead (which we hear is "like Prague, only bigger"), where you can "get in touch with your inner Caligula" at a 16th-century Turkish bath, complete with topless masseuses and plenty of alcohol. (Apparently, the same bring-your-own-condoms tip applies as well.)

Budapest Weekends: Bacchanalian Bath (

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